Sunday, December 19, 2010

Two Italian poems

I'm a sucker for Italian. A girl or even a guy only has to speak Italian - it could be the recipe for eggroll, I wouldn't know and I wouldn't care, hee hee - and I will swoon at their feet. Well, only kidding really, but I have known a few delightful Italians in my time in SL, and one who has been special to me over some months has sent me a couple of sweet poems. Well, I'm commentating on artworks on my university's blog, and poetry is another form of art... so I thought I'd give these poems the light of day. I have no idea if they represent 'good' Italian poetry, but they speak to my heart and so they are good... for me at least. LW wishes to be known only as LW (I know I am not his one and only in SL, hee hee, and nor is he mine) but he's a sweet guy. Here is some of his work...

Translations are by Google, with a few amendments using educated guesswork. LW's English is good for daily conversation, but the nuances of poetry he handles best in his own language I think. And my Italian is far from belle. If anyone wants to suggest an amendment to the translations, I'd be happy to make corrections to what I have here.


Fra vento e tempo
in burrasca
nel mio mare
senza bussole
il nord è impazzito
l’ago gira senza meta
Capitano lei è deposto
La scialuppa è in mare
amo la pioggia che cade
“lavami l’anima”
il vento spazza il viso dalle lacrime
non c’è tempo che possa guarire
il sangue scorre senza soste
il cuore pulsa
ansie, paure, un battito
tum tum tum
batti, batti ancora
non fermarti
spingimi all’orizzonte
portami via
il maelstrom mi attira
ho già toccato il fondo
non ritornare
Terra! Terra!
è solo un deserto
suona per me, fammi dormire
le tue dita sanguinano
corde di vetro..
…ed io le ho montate…

Between wind and time
I sail
in storm
in my sea
without compasses
the north goes crazy
the needle it turns without destination
The captain is overboard
he is swallowed by the sea
I love the rain that falls
the illusion
"wash my soul"
the wind sweeps the tears from my face
there is no time that can recover
the blood it flows without ceasing
the heart pulsates
anxieties, fears, a pulsation
tum tum tum
beating, still beating
never stopping
push me to the horizon
take me there
the maelstrom it attracts me
I have already touched the distance
not to return
Earth! Earth!
it is only a desert
plays for me, make me sleep
your fingers they bleed
ropes of glass..
and I have climbed on it....

Notte a Vendres

Vedo la tua stessa luna
Vedo le tue stesse stelle
Stanotte è luna piena
Sirio è accanto a lei
L’alchimia della notte trasforma le anime
Le rende immortali fino a quando la luce le separerà
vento da nord
le sospinge
Il turbinio…
ed è danza
senza controllo
come libera è l’aria
Spirali vorticano verso l’universo
No! Lacrime
Gocce infinitesimali nel mare
Vento caldo da sud
Il tuo viso è asciutto
I tuoi occhi brillano
La marea ha coperto i nostri castelli
Non rimane che sabbia
E granchi spazzini
Portano via quello che rimane di noi
Night in Vendres

I see the same moon as you
I see the same stars as you
Tonight is full moon
Sirius is next to her
Alchemy transforms the souls of the night
Makes them immortal until the light will separate them
north wind
pushes the
The whirlwind ...
and dance
without control
how free is the air
Spirals swirl into the universe
Joys ...
No! Tears
Tiny drops in the sea
Hot wind from the south
Your face is dry
Your eyes shine
The tide has covered our castles
Only the sand remains
Crabs and scavengers
They take away what remains of us
That second one, LW... the hot wind comes from the east where I live, but my eyes still glistened on that beach... I know you will remember. Thankyou, sweet friend.

La seconda poesia, LW ... il vento caldo viene da oriente dove vivo, ma i miei occhi brillavano ancora su quella spiaggia ... So che ti ricorderai. Grazie, dolce amico.

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