Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not so close, I hardly know you... or do I ?

I would like to echo the sentiments of Soror Nishi on her blog in regard to people in SL changing their names as allowed by the new generation of viewers increasingly (though not yet by me!) in use. People using the new viewers are logging in to find people they don't know listed in their Friends list. I have only so far seen this phenomenon when logging into my account on the SL website, but it has been a little unnerving.

You may have a good reason to change your name - people even do it in the real world. But if you do it without telling your Friends - all of them - you risk being culled and cut off without a cent as it were. A simple IM which you can copy and paste into everyone's IM's, or else a notecard hand delivered, is a simple courtesy if you do take your SL friends seriously. Of course, if your list is filled with people you 'once knew', maybe the kindest thing is a simple cull at the point of changing your name. I only have one person on my list that I will probably never see again, but that is for reasons of illogical sentiment and historical quirkiness.

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  1. Now, I never usually delete "friends" ...I'm kinda sentimental too, but this has really irritated me, and given me an excuse to start...I'm still on the old viewer too, so I expect it to get worse when I am finally forced onto the new one.