Friday, August 26, 2011

Sayumi has left Second Life

Yesterday I have deactivated my SL account and I will be leaving SL permanently. My life has taken some different turns and twists, and I am realizing that I have a significant problem with electronic media, probably even an addiction problem really. I have suspected this for some time, and I have finally decided to take the bull by the horns and act on it.

I will be cutting out other online activities as well. I need to do this for my real life to achieve its full potential.

My warm greetings to all at UWA in SL who may care, and please be assured that I am heading into a good place in my life, but saying a permanent goodbye to SL and all such pursuits is a necessary part of this.

Best and sincere good wishes to you all. Those who have been special friends in the past, please be assured that you did nothing to drive me away but very much the opposite. If I had been able to restrict my SL to the UWA activities, I might have been able to continue, but my online addiction proved inconquerable without taking this step.

I will likely close this blog eventually, unless I decide to make some reflections on my addiction so that others may benefit. We'll see.

This is not a coherent, well rounded appreciation of my time in SL, and for that I am sorry. UWA in SL was an amazing experience, and I am sorry that I could not continue with it.

Peace, love and happiness to you all. Ganbate ne!


  1. sayumi. there is a RL meeting at King's park tomorrow (sunday 28th @ 2pm at synergy playground/playland) perth peeps who had used SL...... would be good if you came to that... and would nicely close out the sl chapter

    my kids, wife... and others kids and all coming....

    my email

  2. Its sad to see you leave SL for good. I do understand the time it can consume and its distractions from RL. I wish you well as you move on and perhaps see you at the park today.

    Gumby Roffo